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naruto challenge: (3/4) scene you enjoyed

"Even if you quit being a shinobi, missions will still occur. Someone has to do it. Your comrades will just be dispatched again under a different platoon leader. Your comrades might die then. But if, at that time, you’re their leader, they might be saved from that happening to them. If you reflect on this time, make use of the experience and learn from it, you might be able to carry out missions with less problems. If you really think your comrades are important to you, then before you think about running away, think about becoming greater for their sake. That’s what it means to be real comrades."

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So, the last post I made of my figures in silly bowler hats was surprisingly popular, so I took a few more. I didn’t take all of the pairings/ot3s that I could think of, but I chose some of the most popular. I also tried to photo as many figures as I could. If you want me to take a photo of your favorite pairing and I haven’t done so between this post and the original post, shoot me an ask, and I’ll do one for you.

If I have a son, I will wish that he would be brought up as a ninja like you.


favourite caps of the naruto ladies | asked by tearn7